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October 14, 2018 2 min read

"The Juice" is our news blog. Catch the inside info on athletes, teams, riders, product and other items of interest that Rizen is involved with.

2017 - Early in the year sample making and design process started on the Rizen Stealth Pants.

October 2017 - Michael "Tiger" Robinson starts real life testing on the Rizen Stealth Pants at practice sessions, gate nights etc. 

Rizen started testing jersey design and graphics. Our first jersey is our Pro Level jersey with stragtecially placed airflow vents to keep you cool on hot days, and stretch panels that allow the jersey to stretch to your body shape whilst in the heat of battle. So when you are in the power position, jump position, cornering, and so on you aren't fighting against your jersey.

January 2018- Nerang Internationals Michael Robinson makes his official debut for Rizen in the all new gear. 

March 2018- Michael Robinson heads to the BMX Australia Nationals Champs and takes home the win and title, and books a spot at the UCI Worlds in June.

April 2018- On April 18 we launched our new YouTube Channel "Rizen Vizion TV". OR Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOMinrgUUF2Axps8skcEclg we intend to add a lot more content, stay tuned!

May 2018 - It is 12 May and a great day for racing! The Louisiana USA, Rizen Grassroots Team make their debut and pull a bunch of podiums. This five-rider team came and conquered. 

June 2018 - Michael Robinson hits up the UCI Worlds on June 5-9 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Michael made the main against some the big names from the pervious generation of BMX, and after hitting the gate he made a comeback and managed to score 4th, 30+ Masters. 

August 2018 - We have a Mountain Bike Rider join our team, and before we could even get him a jersey he wrecks his shoulder and needs surgery, which puts him out for this upcoming MTB season. So now we wait until he gets better before we make the announcement. 

September 2018- Our first production batch of Rizen S-Lite gloves and Rizen Stealth Race pants arrive.

Danny Anderson (digsy104) MX racer joins our team, and we get to do a photoshoot at his exclusive backyard track.

We go spend a day with Danny Anderson (digsy104) at Lakes MX Club near Newcastle, NSW, Australia for another photoshoot and watch him shred up his competition. 

Just one week later Danny Anderson hit the road to the annual MX State Of Origin race whereby Queensland, NSW and Victoria get to battle it out for state honours. Danny pulled second to help NSW go on to take out the overall victory for the 2018 title. 

Thud Industries, headed up by Coaching Guru Tony Hancox out of Western Australia inks a co-deal with Rizen.

OCTOBER 2018 - The brand new Rizen website is launched on 15 October 2018.

NOVEMBER 2018- Rizen announces partnership with BMXUltra for the BSX 2019 one-on-one BMX race. BSX is a long running charity event that raises money for the Royal Children's Hospital. Any licensed rider can ride, and everyone is welcome to comer and watch. For more information go to www.bmxultra.com