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    September 23, 2023 24 min read

    Pro final 2012 Victoria bmx state titles, first straight. rizen, rizen unlimited, bmxultra.com, rizen custom bmx jerseys
    Pics by Shane Jenkins (bmxultra.com) and Ian “Dugga” McLean. Text by Flex.
    Rizen Unlimited/ Blackout Enterprises and BMXUltra.com announces media partnership with Top Flight Publications; publishers of BMXPRESS Magazine (Australia's longest running and most published), BMXWORLD Magazine, BMXLIFE Magazine and Session BMX Magazine. 
    Before the dust settles on the previous race held at Knox, we back up for another race, which is the most important race to go down in Victoria this year, the 2012 Victorian State Titles. 
    A lot of things about this race are “Perfect”. The lead up weather was perfect; entries over 700, perfect; the track is fast and smooth, perfect; and the riders loved it, you can’t ask for much more. Ohh and before I forget the race ran smooth. Another feather in the cap for Victoria is that their State Team riders won the 11 boys, 12 boys, 13 boys, 14 boys, 15 boys, A-Pro and AA-Pro. Seeing that this race attracted a lot of interstate riders, I think Victoria have put the rest of Australia on notice. Watch those Victorians next Aussies!
    Just on the track, seeing this track was getting a flogging from all the events they ran throughout 2012, the track stayed in good condition. Early in the year the third straight got some work done. After the Knox Thunderdome was run and won only a couple of weeks prior, all they had to do was dust it off and drop the gate for the Vic Titles. 
    Saturday we start off with the big wheels, that being the cruisers, the climax to the Dynamite Series and the retro class. We get the ball rolling with the Retro Demo race. We have six riders putting on a show with the old bikes. James Lautier managed to score all wins to take the overall. Russell Lawson did a similar thing with all second places for second overall. The real battle was between Matthew Waldron and John Mafrici for third. They went into the last round all tied up on 12 points each. In the last round Waldron managed to beat Mafrici to the stripe, which gave him third overall. The 10 girls Dynamite class had #3V Vanessa Gooden take all the wins to take out this class. In the 11 girls Dynamite class Sienna Gibson was on fire and took the overall. Only Chelsea May managed to take a win off Gibson in the last round. In the 12 girls Dynamite class it was a head-to-head dual between Millie Reed and Lilli Hedley. The experience of Reed showed as she left with the win. In the 10 boys Dynamite class there was a deadman final that was needed to separate them. When the dust settled Thomas Mitchell walked away with the final win after acing all his motos. It is a similar story in the 11 boys Dynamite with Aussie Champ Ethan Partridge winning every lap. Next home is Jye Moon. In the 12 boys Dynamite it is one of HRV’s protégé’s Jaden Rice who showed why he is #1V in this class. He finished the day with a clean sweep in front of Liam Steele. Into the big wheels we start with the 13-14 boys cruisers. The big winner is Joshua McLean who won without dropping a lap all day. James Tait is next home with a tidy second place. 15-16 cruisers sees Jeremy McLerie get through to the final as the top qualifier. When the dust settled in the final it is Shane Rosa from SA who put the class on lock down and walked away with the title. The 50+ class, now just saying that sounds dangerous! Some one really needs to step in and separate these guys before someone falls down from Gate 9 and hurts themselves, or maybe get the Breathalyser out and test them, especially Peter Rice AKA “The Terminator”… These youngens’ have an extra moto, as if they need an extra moto at their age!!! For the first two rounds it was all Rice with a pair of wins. Then it was time for Steve Upton to make an appearance in the winners circle who then won the third round. Then in the fourth and final go around Rice got back on track to take out the last lap of the day. This gave Rice the overall. Lucky for him he didn’t win in a clean sweep. The boys wouldn’t have taken it so well and he might have found himself over a turn at the next race…lol…
    Rizen unlimited, first straight 2012 Victoria state titles, Knox Victoria, bmxpress magazine
    Upton and Greg Siinmaa added another chapter in their battle book and traded places a couple of times also. Upton finished with the number two on his plate, and Siinmaa walked away with third. In the 25-29 cruisers Jamie Mahuika and Shaun Cuthbert went to war for four rounds. Things started off pretty good for Mahuika who took the wins. In the third round Cuthbert stepped up and took the win. This left only one point separating them as they go into the last round. The winner here takes all the goodies. Mahuika planned on finishing what he started and scored a win in the last round to take out the overall in front of Cuthbert. It is “Open Slatter” time in the 30-34 cruisers. We have brother Vs brother in this one, so no one get between them because it might get ugly. Robert Slatter already owns the big #1A digit in this class, so I bet that Brian would like to take this one out in front of Robert. After the motos Robert Slatter is the top qualifier with three wins, followed by Brian with only one point behind. The only other rider to get their name on a win was Aaron Rogers. The scene is set with the Slatter brothers going head-to-head. The gate drops and everyone is off for the prize. Things are pretty hectic and first to the stripe are Robert Slatter followed by Brian Slatter. Robert adds another title to is resume, while Brian takes home second. Keep an eye out for the 35-39 class at the Aussies.
    Rizen unlimited, Robert Slatter first straight 2012 Victoria state titles, Knox Victoria, bmxpress magazine
    You don’t make a trip interstate to ride this race if you didn’t think you are a chance of taking out the win. John Cobby made the trip from SA with the big #5A on his plate and flexed some muscle. He aced all his motos to be top qualifier and took out the final and took the title back to SA. He came, he conquered, he left the building!!! Simon Trewin was next home with second. We now take a look at the 45-49 cruisers. We have a few names in this one that are familiar. The big mover and shaker from NSW is an old school pro rider Brett Masterfield. He ran into Tim Kennedy who was in great form. There isn’t much between these two, but what little there is, was enough to separate them. The first two rounds went to Kennedy. Masterfield scored a pair of seconds. In the third round Masterfield pulls one back with the win with Kennedy in second. This leaves them one point apart going into the last round. If Masterfield wins this lap, he wins the overall on a count back. The gate drops for the final time for the day and first to the stripe is Kennedy. This was enough to take out the overall in front of Masterfield. James Lautier has had a busy day. When he wasn’t busy terrorising the old guys in the retro class, he as terrorising the 17-18 cruisers. He won three out of four rounds to win the overall in front of Jonathon Jurrjens who took round two from Lautier. We have been hearing a lot about Iesha Anderson lately. Why? Well it’s because she is on fire! For example Iesha blitzed the 11-12 girls cruiser class with a clean sweep. No one else got a look in. Six points behind her is Leah Hearne and Lorsyn Affoo who tied on ten points each with Hearne taking second on a count back. In the 19-24 ladies cruiser Ashleigh Gunn showed why she wears the #2A plate on her bike. Ashleigh took all the wins on offer to win this title, next up is Georgia Mavin. There was no stopping Mandie Morgan in the 30-34 ladies cruisers. She scored all wins, and behind her it was follow the leader. Danielle Carter and Michelle Rickett joined Morgan on the podium. It was almost the same deal in the 40-44 womens cruiser class. Caroline Sobotka won it from the get go to take another title. I bet she has won a lot of titles in her time? Next home is Tammy Clarke and “Mrs. Mad” Karen Turner. The 40-44 cruisers is probably the pick of the classes on day one. It started out with 24 riders. We drop eight riders from the motos, then we drop another eight riders in the semi to get down to the last eight riders standing. If you look at the start list in this one you will spot a lot of familiar names. A lot of these guys are ex-pro riders. You could almost call this class “Vet Pro Cruiser”??? Just to add to the excitement we have guys like Trevor Weber and Glenn Suridge who have had a spell from racing and are now back in there going hard again. The only other name I would love to see in here kicking up a ruckus is “Crazy” Dave Cleary. He is a lovely guy, but a crazy Scotsman! He is also fun to hang out with. Anyway back to the racing. First up I am not allowed to say, “Walczuk has skills”, cause every time I say that, he crashes, but just quietly, he does… Shhh… The points were shared around and it is cramped at the top with no less than four riders all pulling low points in the motos. Then it was no surprise that these same four riders took the top two places in the two semis. When the dust finally settled it is Paul Krasevskis “Esky” who took the honours. We did a big story on Esky a few issues ago and he was talking about doing more races, well here he is and is taking the title back to SA. Craig Walczuk walked away with second. For Craig just walking away is an achievement. Sorry another crash joke! Third home is Trevor Weber. In the 8-10 cruiser class Aussie Champ Jonti Apps was a force to be reckoned with. He took his #1A plate to the winners circle all day. He opened up a can of Whoop-ass on this class and won with a perfect score. Jack Davis is no slouch, especially when he wears #3A on his bike. He took second place and Ethan Dowd owns third. This leaves us with the 11-12 cruisers. In the final we have six riders who are ranked with a top six or better state or national ranking. Now you know it is going to be a tough final. It is the HRV trained up rider of Jaden Rice who won the goodies. He didn’t drop a lap all day and took home the #1V plate, which is a couple places better than his #3V plate from last year. South Australia State Champ Tyson Cobby wins second and Cooper Tye is third, this kid is also #3A. What a class!
    Rizen unlimited, Shan Jenkins first turn 2012 Victoria state titles, Knox Victoria, bmxpress magazine, bmxultra.com  Rizen unlimited, Luke Pretlove third straight 2012 Victoria state titles, Knox Victoria, bmxpress magazine  Rizen unlimited, women second straight 2012 Victoria state titles, Knox Victoria, bmxpress magazine
    Sunday we pick up the action with the 16 boys class. Through the motos everyone is chasing Thomas Freeman who has the best points. In the final Freeman was out done by Jarryd Bywaters who wasn’t too far behind in the motos, and moved one step up the pecking order to take a good win. In the 18 boys class Justin Duncombe aced the motos to be the one to beat. The only race that really counts is the final and by the time the dust settled it was Taylor Davis who turned it around and took the win with Duncombe second. Gemma-Lee Thomas from NSW has been on a tear lately in the 15 girls class. She had a good battle with Maddi Shadbolt who was the actual top qualifier. In the final Shadbolt didn’t quite have it and Thomas finished off the day with the win. Shadbolt after winning everything all day had to settle for second. In the 19-24 women it is the 16 year old #2A Ashleigh Gunn who proved impossible to beat. She aced the day with all wins and the title. That made the trip down from Cairns worth it. Next rider home is Emilie Polsen in second. The 25-29 men have an all points deal. The guy beat here is the “Warrnambool Kid” Luke Pretlove. He scored a pair of wins and a pair of seconds for his six points. A blast from the past is Jonathon Hoare who was one of our top elite riders not that so long ago now. He looked like he was going to walk away with the overall when he scored wins in the first couple of rounds. Things started to go wrong for him in the third round when Pretlove took the win. Going into the last round the winner for the overall is who finishes higher between Pretlove and Hoare. Hoare slid down the results when he finished out the day with third. Meanwhile Pretlove hit another ace and took out the overall by one point. In the 30-34 mens class it is “Open Slatter” time with the Slatter Bros wanting to put this event on lock down. In the motos it is Aussie Champ Robert Slatter who walks away with all wins. In the final we have seven other riders who think they can knock Robert Slatter off his pedestal, including his own brother. The gate drops in the final and Robert Slatter nails the first straight and pulls a big lead. It is now down to who gets the minor positions. A few of the lads hit up the big first straight doubles with some pack jumping, always good to see. Shaun Brunton finds himself in second. Behind him is a battle raging between Brian Slatter and Tim Kiddle for third. This works out good for Brunton in second as this pair is too busy trying to out do each other to put any heat on Brunton. This gives us the top two of Robert Slatter and Brunton. It is now all down to the battle between Brian Slatter and Kiddle for the last spot on the podium. Kiddle from Geelong is sporting the #7A plate and is not going to be easy to beat. They hit the last straight together but Brian Slatter gets his long legs going and pulls away and makes off with third place. The 35-39 men class was loaded with 15 riders. Once again the points were spread out with no-one winning all their laps in the motos. However guys like Simon Trewin and John Cobby were looking fast. When the gate dropped Cobby was the first to hit the big doubles and he launches them and pulls a good lead. Next up is Trewin who worked his way down the inside and slotted into second around turn one. Up the second straight Trewin is pulling hard and had a look see up the inside of Cobby in turn two, but decided the safer option is to hold off for another go later. Down the third straight the top two have long gone. We also lose a couple of riders who crash in magnificent style with dust and debris flying everywhere. The leaders hit the last straight and Trewin has all but taken the lead. They drag race one-on-one, as they head down the last straight Trewin got stronger and stronger and pulls away with the win. Aussie Champ from SA Cobby has to settle with second. I for one hope they go this hard at the Aussies! The 19-24 men were put on lock down by Jamie Mahuika when he took the wins all day. Lachlan McSwain was the next best in second. Here come the crazies lead by the one and only Craig Walczuk. He somehow stayed on the bike long enough to win three out of four races including the final. Trevor Weber scored second. When you look at this field there are a lot of familiar faces. It is good to see Brian “Jock” Kelly racing again; I haven’t seen him ride in a while now. Whatever Jamie Mahuika can do Lance Mahuika can do. Lance cleaned house in the 45-49 class and won the title in comfort. Here we go the 50+ guys! “The Machine, Terminator” or whatever he is now called showed why he has come to get these types of nicknames when he cleaned house with four wins from four laps to take out the overall title. Steve Upton loves a good scrap and going south to pick a battle with the Southerners sounded like a good idea at the time. Steve scored second behind Rice, but managed to beat out one of his main rivals in Greg Siinmaa who finished third. In the 14 boys we started with 21 riders and it was some pretty high points that got you into the semi. It is not very often that 16 points will get you to the semi. I have seen riders on 10 points miss out in transferring. World #4 Matt “White Knight” showed why he is one of the best riders on the planet in this class. He and Joshua McLean aced all their motos with wins. White also won his semi, and then nailed the win in the final. Fellow club teammate Jay Beazley had mixed results but in the end joins White on the podium with second. McLean had a bad final to end up with 8th. The 15 boys is another big class and it is Queenslander Hayden Jones who is the standout in the motos and semis by winning every lap. Lachlan Kennedy was also having a good day with low points and a win in his half of the semi to book a spot in the final. In the final Kennedy continued his good day with a win and handing Jones his first loss of the weekend. Jones has to settle for second after such a promising start to the day. The 8 year girls is a loaded class with five out of eight riders all sporting single digits. Rhian Hobbs who wears the #3A plate had a great battle with Aussie Champ Sarah Ritter. In the first round Ritter took the win with Hobbs second. The next round Hobbs takes the win while Ritter drops to fourth. In the third round Hobbs takes another win with Ritter moving back with a second place. In the last round Ritter finished with a win, but Hobbs scored second to take the overall win in front of Ritter. That fourth place in the second round really hurt Ritter! The 9 year girls class is surprisingly big with 15 riders. It is great to see the girls getting amongst the action. There were no clean sweeps in this class. In the final we have at least five riders all state or national ranked. When the gate hit the track in the final it took a while for the riders to sort themselves out. In the end the holeshot was a battle between #3A Rayna Anesbury and #2A Jarrah Hecker. Coming up the inside is #4A Meleia Hobbs. I told you this is a loaded class! The leader is Anesbury. As they head down to the last turn it is neck-and-neck between Anesbury and Hecker. They are so close and neither wants to give it up. They have a lunge at the stripe and no one can separate them. It is that close. Lucky for us we have technology these days and the winner is..…. Rayna Anesbury. Next up we have the 10 year girls. Once again we have a points race. How do you beat out #2A Jade Ritter and #7A Sharna Tye over four rounds all on points? You will have to ask Vanessa Gooden who did exactly that. Not only did she win the title, but she did it with a clean sweep, nothing but aces. Now that is a big deal! Ritter scored all second places for second overall, as did Tye back in third place. In the 11 year girls the points are pretty tight with Felicia Thomas and Ashlee Miller having the best points. They only dropped one lap all day on the way to the final, so it is no surprise that the top two spots on the podium came down to these two. In the end it was Thomas from the ACT who took the win in front of Miller. In the 12 year girls the talented Millie Reed who wears the #5A plate and has a home State Title took all the wins. This is a great effort seeing in second place is Iesha Anderson who has been flying lately. You won’t believe it so I will tell you! The 13 year girls class has eight riders and after all the dust settled when they crossed the stripe for the last time, we end up with a three-way tie for the title. Say what!!! I have never seen this before. Casey Northcott, Laura McLerie and Grace Galley all tied up on 8 points. Going into the last round Galley has the best score, but finished third. The next best score goes to McLerie and she finished second in the last round. Northcott had the worst score of these three, and back in third place, took the last round win, and on the count back she jumped from third to first to win the overall and title. McLerie finished second with the defending Vic Champ Galley in third. The 8 year boys class has a huge rider count with semis and we still see two riders ace it. The big mover and shakers here are Aussie Champ Samuel Thorpe and NSW Champ Chad Pethers-Morrissey, both of whom didn’t drop a lap on their way to the final. The first over the finish line in the final is Thorpe. This made his trip from WA worthwhile! Next up is Pethers-Morrissey from Casino. Imagine how good it must feel to be the winner of the 9 boys class. They have 27 riders and the class is riddled with state and national ranked riders. Vic Champ Ethan Zrna and Flynn Hedley are the only riders to ace all of their motos. Both of these little guys also moved into the final after successfully working their way through the dreaded semis. In the final we get to turn one and we lose one rider who was mid pack. Meanwhile up front it is Zrna who is battling with Pat “The Rat” Bognar for the lead. Bognar had the inside and couldn’t get a good run up the second straight, while Zrna was higher on the turn kept good track speed and flew up that second straight. This gives Zrna briefly a good lead. By turn two Bognar is all over Zrna. These two little giants go hard for the lead. Up the last straight Zrna had a little bit of breathing room; enough to take a hard fought win. Out of the 30 riders in the 10 boys class at least eight of them are packing single digits from other or previous titles or series’. To make it out of the motos you needed low points with five riders all scoring five or less points after three rounds. After we eliminate another eight riders in the semis we get down to the final where we have four riders all sporting national rankings. The gate drops in the final and they blast down the first straight. It is #2A Jack Davis that pulls the holeshot and once again everyone is chasing the kid from Tamworth. By the second straight he has a big enough lead to win this one. Davis finished out the day with a clean sweep. Next up are the #4A of Jonti Apps and the #6A of Matthew King. The 11 boys class in Victoria is loaded with top ranked riders. The one that is leading the charge at the moment is Ethan Partridge. He is current Aussie Champ in this class. In making it to the final he won all his laps including his semi. #6A Jesse Corbett also aced his motos to be up the top of the leader board with Partridge. Not too far behind these pair is Cooper Tye from SA. He finished second behind Partridge at the Nationals and would love to win this title off Partridge and take it back to SA. By the time the final hit turn one we have two riders down. One was ran over by the other. As they exit turn one it is the Partridge and Tye show. By the time they hit turn two Partridge has blown the doors off this final. All anyone could do is follow the leader. Tye once again has to settle for second behind Partridge with Rhyder Kennedy third. When we get to the 12 boys it is Jaden Rice who is the one to beat. He defended his skinny digit again with a clinical display and didn’t drop a lap all day. Next up is #6A Tyson Cobby who ran into a red hot Rice. The final in the 13 boys is the who’s-who of this class. Aussie Champ Justin Beattie cruised through his moto with all wins. In the semis it is Brock McDonald and James Tait who took the wins. When the gate dropped in the final it was #5A of McDonald who was first to cross the finish in front of Beattie. There are a few faces in the 30+ Masters class that I haven’t seen ride for a while. Case and point being Ross Domigan from NZ via Queensland. The last time I seen him ride was at Nerang a couple years ago, and he is a machine. He normally enters a few classes. He started out the day with a win and easily made the cut for the final. Nic White is on fire with three wins, looks like someone has been doing some practice… All this didn’t help him too much as Anthony McCallum got his head down and was first to the finishline to take the win and have bragging rights for the year. 
    Now lets strap in for the A-Pro women. We have two big hitters in this one with Gemma-Lee Thomas and Emily Richardson, both in different parts of the draw taking out all wins. They then had to settle things in the final. Richardson is on her home track and her bike proudly wears the #6A plate. Thomas has been going crazy fast in NSW. In the final Thomas shredded up the first straight and moves to a big lead by the time they hit the second straight. Richardson is in second and desperately trying to bridge the gap. Richardson can’t make it happen and it ends up single file with Thomas long gone with this title. Richardson brings home second. 
    A-Pro is so crazy right now, just look at the number of young riders who have been trained up in various camps and by coaches etc. This new generation isn’t scared to step up into pro, unlike what has plagued some generations in the past. The cut-off for the semis is 11 points, which drops eleven riders from the motos. Shane Rosa from SA and Home Track Harry Joshua McLean won the semis. When the gate dropped in the final Shane Rosa kills it and pulls a big lead into turn one. Jeremy McLerie slots into second and starts chasing. Matthew Hollibone is also in the thick of the action back in third. The top two of Rosa and McLerie pull away and the win looks like it will come down to these two. Then last turn disaster strikes with McLerie putting a block pass on Rosa and sends Rosa down in a screaming heap. Brandon Te Hiko back in fourth not really threatening, sees this unfold, picks a safe line and moves up. McLerie loses a lot of speed, which puts him back in the mix with Hollibone and a hard charging Te Hiko. Down the last straight it is a dogfight with these three all in with a chance to win this one. McLerie leads down the last straight but is being swallowed up by Hollibone and Te Hiko. It is Te Hiko on the outside that has the best legs and takes the lead only metres from the finish line. What a race!!! McLeerie finishes second with Hollibone in third. Bad luck to Rosa who won everything all day and was only one straight away from the win. Watch these guys go around at Sleeman for the Nationals, I am sure it will be just as exciting. 
    AA-Pro women only have the five riders, so we do the extra moto. Leanna Curtis has won almost everything in NSW in this class. I can’t remember her dropping even a lap up NSW way. Curtis won every lap except the third round where Esther Woodward won that. Curtis won the overall in front of a good field of Woodward, Ashleigh Gunn, Harriet Burbidge-Smith and Erin Anderson.
    Rizen unlimited, first straight 2012 Victoria state titles, Knox Victoria, bmxpress magazine
    AA-Pro is the last of the classes of the weekend to hit the track in the climax to the Vic State Titles. They started with 22 riders. The rider with the best points out of the motos is Max Cairns. The racing is that tight that no one scored three wins in the motos. In the final a few riders such as Bodie Turner, Tom Siinmaa, Joel Clark and Matt Dunsworth all get out fast. Matt Juster is left outback. They drop into turn one over the step and we see Siinmaa slide by Clark to the outside and move on point. They all give chase! After getting the squeeze down the first straight Turner finds himself in third behind Siinmaa and Clark. Amongst all this mayhem Juster is now up to fourth. Up the second straight Turner tried to go around Clark but ran out of straight. Levi Collins is back in sixth out of turn one and fangs it up the second straight and pulls up with Juster in fourth. They throw a few elbows and Collins almost runs Juster off the track. All this slows these two down a bit and everyone else closes in for the pass. This kills Collins’ speed and he quickly finds himself out the back door. Down the third straight Turner is on fire and passes Clark for second. He also closes in on Siinmaa out front. They all make it around the last turn and Turner is literally flying. He is pulling Siinmaa, this one is going down to the stripe. With the finish line closing in fast Siinmaa somehow manages to hold off Turner to win by a small margin. “The Journeyman” Clark finished third. 
    This is another entry into the BMX history books and it will show Tom Siinmaa is the State Pro Champ for 2012. He and all the other winners will have the opportunity to defend their titles next year when we travel to Frankston for the 2013 Vic Titles. 
    This ends a huge year for the Knox Club. They had a million races plus clubbies to get through and all the extra maintenance that comes with it. Their workload doesn’t ease up until they get their round of the Track Attack 2013 run and done, only then they have time to take a deep breath.
    Rizen unlimited, Damien walczuk first straight 2012 Victoria state titles, Knox Victoria, bmxpress magazine
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    40-44 Mens Cruiser1 Paul Krasevskis2 Craig Walczuk 3 Trevor Weber 4 Shane Jenkins5 Anthony Hadenfeldt 6 Shane Reed 7 Glenn Suridge8 David Comport
    8-10 Boys Cruiser1 Jonti Apps2 Jack Davis3 Ethan Dowd4 Patrick Bognar5 Chad Littlejohn6 Flynn Hedley 7 Jackson Turner8 Matthew King
    11-12 Boys Cruiser 1 Jaden Rice2 Tyson Cobby3 Cooper Tye4 Ryan York-Morris 5 Kye Affoo 6 Sam Walsh7 Jesse Corbett8 Dane Van Laeren
    Sunday16 Boys1 Jarryd Bywaters2 Thomas Freeman3 Joshua Cain4 Bailey Stewart5 Kaleb Bowen6 Hamish Hunt7 Hayden Buck8 Brendon Vlug
    18 Boys1 Taylor Davis2 Justin Duncombe3 Matthew Cockayne4 Nathan Seal5 Daniel Hildebrand6 Klae Richards7 Sam Reed8 Troy Anderson
    15 Girls1 Gemma-Lee Thomas2 Maddi Shadbolt3 Tahlia Waldron4 Taylah Maurice5 Shari Kennedy6 Madie Guyers7 Tea Kennedy8 Kaylagh Tucker
    19-24 Women1 Ashleigh Gunn2 Emilie Polsen3 Georgia Mavin4 Samantha Molloy5 Tezzina Mears
    25-29 Men1 Luke Pretlove2 Jonathan Hoare3 Connor Hunter4 Joseph Bujak5 Bradley Gorrie6 Grant Carra7 Niall Egan8 Michael Scragg

    30-34 Men1 Robert Slatter2 Shaun Brunton 3 Brian Slatter4 Tim Kiddle5 Aaron Rogers6 Jason Hall7 Mark Schwarze 8 Timothy Austin
    35-39 Men1 Simon Trewin2 Rick Cobby 3 Glenn Main4 Glenn Harding5 Peter Jelleff6 Douglas Jolly7 Jason Hartley8 Glenn O’Brien
    19-24 Men1 Jamie Mahuika2 Lachlan McSwain3 Jesse Eagles4 Kallum McCully5 Aaron Roberts6 Reece Ellis7 Matthew Duncombe8 Gus Wilson
    40-44 Men1 Craig Walczuk2 Trevor Weber3 Wayne Daniel4 Anthony Hadenfeldt5 Dean McNicol6 Bryan Kennedy7 Dean Swan8 Brian Kelly
    45-49 Men1 Lance Mahuika2 Timothy Gunn3 Joe Lautier4 Robert Symmons
    50+ Men1 Peter Rice2 Stephen Upton3 Greg Siinmaa4 Bryan Bull5 Graham Rogers6 Gregory O’Hearn7 Terry Nicholls
    14 Boys1 Matthew White2 Jay Beazley3 Hayden Fletcher4 Nathan Glab5 Jason Dickson6 Brock Barry7 Stephen Henderson8 Joshua McLean
    15 Boys1 Lachlan Kennedy2 Hayden Jones3 Wade Turner4 Corey Smith5 William Lees6 Scott Wilson7 Jayden Seal8 Adam Condon
    8 Girls1 Rhian Hobbs2 Sarah Ritter3 Amber Dowd4 Dazhara Mears5 Mikala Littlejohn6 Chloe Lampard7 Madison Hadenfeldt8 Mia Hepburn
    9 Girls1 Rayna Anesbury2 Jarrah Hecker3 Meleia Hobbs4 Mickayla Perkins5 Mikayla Hammond6 Johanna Jephcott7 Kasie Bennett8 Talia Manton-Zerger
    10 Girls1 Vanessa Gooden2 Jade Ritter3 Sharna Tye4 Mckinley Pope5 Josie De Boer6 Stephanie Stewart7 Rhomony Kennedy8 Alanna Jolly
    11 Girls1 Felicia Thomas2 Ashlee Miller3 Abbey Woods4 Leah Hearne5 Maggie Walsh6 Lorsyn Affoo7 Sienna Gibson8 Chelsea Emery
    12 Girls1 Millie Reed2 Iesha Anderson3 Lilli Hedley4 Kayleigh Mitchell5 Jemma Heraper6 Mackenzie Hunt
    13 Girls1 Casey Northcott2 Laura Mclerie3 Grace Galley4 Marlee Porter5 Briana Eyles6 Sophie Rosa7 Olivia Silk8 Kateland Shinners
    8 Boys1 Samuel Thorpe2 Chad Pethers-Morrissey3 Joel Marsh4 Gian Renato5 Ethan Saunders6 Druzai Mears7 Nicholas Miller8 Harrison Bates
    9 Boys1 Ethan Zrna2 Patrick Bognar3 Kyal Waldron4 Tom Meharry5 Harrison Gay6 Patrick White7 Diesel Connor8 Flynn Hedley
    10 Boys1 Jack Davis2 Jonti Apps3 Matthew King4 Thomas Mitchell5 James Disney6 Kailen O’Grady7 Chad Littlejohn8 Fletcher Robertson-Edgar
    11 Boys1 Ethan Partridge2 Cooper Tye3 Rhyder Kennedy4 Christian Robertson-Edgar5 Alec Edwardes6 Cooper Morgan7 Jaxon Connor8 Jesse Corbett
    12 Boys1 Jaden Rice2 Tyson Cobby3 Cooper Bromley4 Ryan York-Morris5 Andrew House6 Liam Steele7 Jed Seipolt8 Andrew Woods
    13 Boys1 Brock McDonald2 Justin Beattie3 James Tait4 Joshua Weston5 Tyler Verschuren6 Zac Trewin7 Matt Krasevskis8 Will Sandland
    30+ Masters1 Anthony McCallum2 Nicholas White3 Scott Hand4 Glenn O’Brien5 Jace Ciccarello6 Ross Domigan7 William Celis8 Shane Jenkins
    A-Pro Women1 Gemma-Lee Thomas2 Emily Richardson3 Airlie Gooden4 Mandie Morgan5 Emilie Polsen6 Antonia Rickett7 Alexandra Pye8 Taylah Maurice
    A-Pro1 Brandon Te Hiko2 Jeremy McLerie3 Matthew Hollibone4 Ethan Murray5 Jake Allan6 Lachlan Kennedy7 Joshua McLean8 Shane Rosa
    AA-Pro Women1 Leanna Curtis2 Esther Woodward3 Ashleigh Gunn4 Harriet Burbidge-Smith5 Erin Anderson
    AA-Pro1 Tom Siinmaa2 Bodi Turner3 Joel Clark4 Matthew Dunsworth5 Matthew Juster6 Dave Habicht7 Max Cairns8 Levi Collins


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